You’ve found your soul mate & you have committed to starting the journey of life together. What’s next? The finer details of your perfect day.

As a hair stylist I believe your hair is reflection of your personality. That fringe that drives you crazy, the curls you long to have, it’s all part of what make you who you are & should be celebrated.  This fine detail can make a huge difference on the special day, as feeling comfortable & confident in yourself is the final touch you need.

The passion for wedding hair came naturally for me. Having the skills & ability to help anyone feel relaxed & stunning on any day, especially “The Big Day” is such a personal pleasure for me. I feel that this is what can add to the start of your big day as getting ready is the start of the memories.

When you choose me for your day the service I provide is for you or can be for your full wedding party. Trials are the best time to get to know what you like & weather you are comfortable making me part of your day. Also, helps us create a visual image for you. It’s always a privilege when asked to be part of someone’s big day so I will be so happy when you get in touch & will be more than happy to help & answer any questions.